• Chikara janai (Do not use strength)

  • En no kirinai (Do not sever the connection)

  • Kieru no Kankaku (Invisible movement)

  • Nawa no Kankaku (Entwining the opponent in technique)

  • Muto dori (Unarmed sword lessons)

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Kusanagi no Tsurugi: Practice Sword

Sword of Legend

Kusanagi no Tsurugi is a legendary Japanese sword and one of three Imperial Regalia of Japan. The blade was discovered by the storm god Susa-no-mikoto in the fourth head of the slain body of an eight-headed dragon. (You can read more of the legend here.)

The sword was gifted to Yamato Takeru, who was led into an open grassland and trap by a warlord. The evil warlord's plan was to set the grass ablaze, trap Yamato and burn him to death. In desperation, the Prince began cutting the grass with this sword and discovered it could control the wind. Using this power, Yamato expanded the fire in the direction of his enemies, defeating them. It was after this incident that Yamato named the sword as "Grasscutter Sword". (You can read the these legends here and here.)

The Legend Continues

In March 2013, Hatsumi-sensei demonstrated and spoke about many of the finer points regarding the use of this ancient weapon. These lessons were a catalyst to our producing the tsurugi bokken practice weapons. My teacher has nicknamed this design, "Kusanagi."

The Sword

Each Tsurugi, is handcrafted in my workroom (or my backyard). Upon inspection of any two, you will notice they are each sligthly different as is expected of any personalized practice weapon. The measurements are based on the dimensions my instructor brought back from Japan during his March 2013 trip.

Specifications: Liriodendron tulipifera (poplar wood)
      Total length: approximately 42 "
      Blade length: 29.5"       Guard length: 1.5 "
      Handle length: 9 "         Pommel length: 2 "
      Blade width: 2 "

We are happy to answer any and all questions you have regarding our handcrafted works. Simply click on the Contact link at left and send us a detailed message. We will try to promptly respond within 48 hours. Thank you!

Steve R. R. - Craftsman BujinStore.com


Please browse through these photographs taken of a selection of our swords. Each photo set includes the full sword, then close-up of handle, tip and side.

The Craftsman

In early 2013, my Bujinkan instructor began looking for a tsurugi (ken) for class training. Unhappy with what he found, Tai Chi swords made from pressed wood or expensive European wasters that were too short, he asked if I was able to handcraft a tsurugi to his specifications. Using my 20 years of experience as a craftsman and over 15 years of martial arts training I sent out to make an affordable training tool.

Purchase: The Sword

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Listed below are testimonials from people who have purchased our Tsurugi Bokken:

This version of the Tsurugi is great for training. It can be smacked around and has good weight. You get a better feel of the weight as you move.

Charles Lucas - rukasubudodojo.com (July 2013)

Received the swords today. They look great. I am very pleased with everything. Thank you so much, it is greatly appreciated.

Richard Beckelheimer - Bujinkan Richmond Budo (June 2013)

The sword Looks Awesome. Thanks!

Dennis D. - New York (June 2013)

This tsurugi bokken has a great feel to it. The balance seems realistic based on what has been described to me (in seminars) and the grip seems perfect. It appears like a bokken version of a tsurugi and has been very durable after some serious banging around. I am very happy with my purchase and I am sure it will last for years of training.

Jesse L. - New York (June 2013)

I knew I had to have one of these Tsurugi bokken from the first moment I held it. We practiced with several of them in class and all held up to some pretty good banging around. The feel is nice, the weight is right and it's quite sturdy. I'm happy to own one!

Joe M. - Bujinkan shihan BNYD.com (May 2013)

Trained with this sword, I have. Very good, it is. Get one, you must.

Yoda - Jedi master Dagobah (A Long, Long Time Ago...)

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